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Coney Island Polar Bear Club
Located at the famous Coney Island in Brooklyn, NY, The Coney Island Polar Bear Club is the oldest winter bathing organization in the United States. They swim in the Atlantic Ocean at Coney Island every Sunday from November through April.

Bearnarr Macfadden - the "Father of Physical Culture"
The Web Site is dedicated to presenting Bearnarr Macfadden's Life Story. Bernarr Macfadden was an early advocate of physical fitness, natural foods and exercise. He believed that a dip in the Atlantic Ocean during wintertime would benefit a person's stamina, virility and immunity, the validity of which is debatable. Additionally, in 1903, Bearnarr founded The Coney Island Polar Bear Club.

Winterbathers of NYC
Winterbathers was founded to promote the sport of winterbathing.  The organization is devoted to winter polar plunging. The organization is also devoted to promoting the idea of good health through proper nutrition and personal fitness. Lots of informatin at this site, not only about winter bathing, but also on excercise and nutrition! Founder, Tom "Iceman" McGann is not only a long time member, and Treasurer, of the Coney Island Polar Bear Club, but he has been actively involved in Winterbathing and personal fitness programs for the last 20 years. 

Tony and Susan Natro's Sense and Non-Sense
Long time member, and Vice President, of the Coney Island Polar Bear Club, Tony Nastro, and his wife, Susan, created a very nice and fun website! You'll find pics and cam clips of Polar Bearing, and other things tONY and Susan :) Check it out.

Charity Organizations that Have Polar Bear Plunges / Dip Events

Please visit our Events page to view a list of Plunges/Dips for Charity. There are many of them, and you're sure to find a charity that touches your heart, that YOU may want to take "The Plunge" for! Or, at least, to sponsor someone who else who is.

The following are some interesting articles on Cold Water Immersion / Swimming / Dipping / Plunging
Cold Water Swimming in the UK. Read about a 90 year old woman who swims twice a day in cold water. Interesting article about this woman's experience, " So there you are - no great mystery. If you swim regularly in cold water you become tolerant to it, don't feel so cold and stay enjoying the health benefits. Go for it! It is wonderful."
Interesting article on the Science topical information of Cold Water Swimming.

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