Polar Bears, Cubs, and Penguins - Oh MY!
and Fledglings, too!

Cub's Mission:  Our Mission is to unite polar bears and penguins from all over!

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You'll learn what the water temperatures, air temperatures, weather conditions, and more!


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Many are charity events.

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Are you curious About Rob? Well, so many people are. So, we've added this page. Check out About Rob, if you are one of the curious people. Also, here Rob will share with you TIPS he's received from more experienced Polar Bears to help you with your swimming experience.

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Have you enjoyed this website? Do you know Rob, and would like to donate to one of the worthy causes for which he plunges? Absolutely NO funds go to Rob! Please donate to one of Rob's Charity Plunges!


Here you will find Links to various websites from Polar Bear Clubs, people who share about their Polar Bear experience, to articles about cold water swimming.
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