Rob's Plunges for Charity

Rob has a really big heart! Each year Rob does several plunges for charity. He often raises funds for these worthy causes. At some he shows up just to support the cause (as he had already collected for the cause at another plunge).

These funds do NOT go to Rob! They go directly to the charities! We'll update this page depending on the upcoming charity Plunge. Please consider donating.

New Year's Day 2010 - Freezin' for a Reason - Donations go to Camp Sunshine.

This is NOT just a "camp." This is a place where entire families who have children with life threatening diseases (such as cancer) can go on a vacation and have a medical team available to them. They, also, receive support from other families. This camp has meant a great deal to families, whose children might otherwise not have had the opportunity to have a vacation! Please click on the link to donate.


Check back for the next charity swim.

We hope you have enjoyed this website. We, also, hope that you will consider donating to one of the worthy causes for which Rob takes the plunge!

Would you like to participate and take the plunge for a worthy cause? Check out Polar Bears and Penguins' Events Page . We hope to see you there!


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